Rob Blanchard 111111111

alert I'm allergic to Penicillin
holder Alertag Holder information
  Rob W Blanchard
Born: 2004
Approx Age: 10
123 Onizuka St 12
Austin, CA 97417
(661) 555-5454

NO Epilepsy
NO Seizures
NO Alzheimer's
NO Autism
YES Diabetic
Medications taken for diabeties: insulin
YES Contacts
NO Donor
Bloodtype: O+
Last Tetanus Injection: January of 2005
holder ICE Contact #1
  Jane Victoria Aldred
  Phone: (123) 324-1827
Relationship: Mother
This contact knows my keycode and will provide access to private personal history
holder Primary Medical Insurance Provider
  Provider: Aflack
Policy #: 238923949432
holder Conditions
holder Treatments
holder Medications
holder Primary Physician
  Jacob Limbscomb
(310) 434-4233

Private Info

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Occupation: none
Faith: None

Personal History

NO Lung disorder
NO High blood pressure
NO Stroke
NO Nervous disorder
NO Seizure Disorder
NO Alzheimer's
NO Autism
NO Disease or disorder of the digestive tract
NO forms of cancer
NO Disease of the kidney
NO Diabetes
NO Arthritis
NO Hepatitis
NO Malaria
NO Disease or disorder of the blood
NO physical defects or deformity
NO vision or hearing disorders
NO life-threatening conditions
NO contagious disorders
NO psychiatric disorders
NO currently pregnant, or a possibility
NO - Use Tobacco
NO Use Illegal Drugs
NO risk for falls or falling injuries
NO treated, disabled or hospitalized during the last year

Personal Documentation

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